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What’s Cooking Commercial Kitchen Services

Flowercart is no stranger to the food service/co-pack industry. Flowercart clients and staff have solid experience working with local food producers. We have a reputation for producing quality products, to exact specifications, on time.

Consider your situation:

  • You have a great product that you can market but you lack the facilities, resources, employees, time or expertise to produce it yourself.
  • Sales are growing and you are concerned about how you are going to keep up with production.
  • Do you really need to risk a large production run to get a small quantity out to your customers?
  • You are going to have to build, buy equipment, hire employees, research food regulations, train employees
  • You have fresh local ingredients and you want to make a dip, sauce, marinade, rub, oil; but you lack the time or resources to prepare, package and label.

Our small scale Co-Packing1 kitchen What’s Cooking Commercial Kitchen Services can help.

What’s Cooking staff will make your product in a government inspected kitchen to your unique specifications including packaging and labelling. We can even coordinate the pick up and delivery of the finished product!

Whether you want What’s Cooking staff to process, preserve, package or create a new or existing product our versatile co-packing capabilities can meet your needs.

We can test recipes and assist you in perfecting them. Because of our experiences and capabilities we are uniquely positioned as an “incubator” and support to start-up businesses and the new products of businesses of all sizes.

We have the equipment and the knowledge to make production economical.

We can advise you on the availability of local ingredients and bulk packaging.

We are well educated in food handling regulations. Staff are trained in Safe Food Handling.

We have even decommissioned packaged food products for local businesses.

Thanks to Just Us Coffee Roasters Co-op for being one of the first businesses to use What's Cooking's services. We are happy to produce hot chocolate for their award winning line of flavoured hot chocolates.

For more information about What's Cooking or to talk business right now email or call Lisa Hammett Vaughan at or (902) 681-2349

1. Co-packing is having a product produced according to a business’s specifications in a second business’s facility. The second business uses its equipment, workforce, expertise and resources for the benefit of the first.